Mitzvah Project

Sophie's Mitzvah Project

As part of Sophie's bat mitzvah preparation, she is also "embarking" on a mitzvah project. 

This is an opportunity for Sophie to put into action the Jewish values of repairing the world and showing compassion for others. 

Sophie has a love and passion for animals and all living things. She is volunteering with the non-profit GOFI to help raise and socialize their puppies, and get them the necessary items that they need to continue to help others with disabilities. 

Please help support Sophie in her efforts! Read more about GOFI below.

Thank you for supporting this cause!

⬅️A picture of Sophie and her Best Friend

What the puppies need (Wish list)


What is GOFI?

Golden Opportunities for Independence is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by volunteers. They breed, raise, and train service dogs that will be given to disabled members of our community. 

What does GOFI do?

Their mission is to raise and train Golden Retriever puppies into working dogs that empower people with a disability to live a more fulfilling life with the love and assistance of a dog and a mentor.  Responsibly bred, their purebred puppies have predictable characteristics like activity level, temperament, and grooming needs. They are registered with AKC-ensuring their heritage is from healthy and sound ancestors.  Their dogs are from a long line of proven Service Dogs, Working Dogs, Show Dogs, and Therapy Dogs.

What else should I know?

Golden Opportunities for Independence is one of the only service and therapy dog programs that breeds, raises and trains their dogs all on site, right here in Walpole, MA.  Their puppies are surrounded by people that are looking to change the lives of others for the better.   

Why is this important?

Imagine not being able to pick up a pen that fell from your hand, forgetting to turn on lights that are 10 feet away and you are nestled nicely in bed, or needing to call 911 to have someone help you back into your chair after falling to the floor. These are all realities that people with disabilities face daily. Now imagine having a dog that can help you in all those instances. Not having to impose on someone else means independence. Their service dogs are partnered with children and adults with physical and psychiatric disabilities to assist with daily tasks. Please help them continue to do the great work they are doing with these amazing animals.

How is Sophie volunteering?

Their puppies are raised under the constant care and love of their trainers and volunteers. Each day, they have a full enrichment program for the puppies and socialize them to all kinds of people. Sophie is one of these volunteers helping to socialize the puppies. This makes the puppy ready for their new family and off to a great start.

They also have a wish list of items that they constantly need to help train their puppies. Sophie will be collecting donations on their behalf to bring to the dogs.

To Show my Appreciation I made a Picture!

-By Sophie